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End User Rebates on Select Kenwood Business & Industry Radios

January 18, 2016 – April 15, 2016

Kenwood users who purchase from our unrivaled selection of portable and mobile radios automatically qualify for cash back of up to $40 per unit with our End User Rebate Promotion. Starting January 18, 2016, thru April 15, 2016, Kenwood is offering from $30 to $40 rebates on select Kenwood Business and Industry radios purchased; please see table below for eligible models and rebate amounts.

To be eligible for End User rebates, a minimum purchase of five (5) or more units is required (maximum allowable quantity per company/agency: 250 units). End Users can submit their rebate for this new B&I rebate program from January 18th – April 15th, 2013. Rebate claims should be submitted on line at: http://rebates.kenwoodusa.com. Please reference promotion # PR-16-04LM to enter your claim.

Rebate Amount
TK-2360K, TK3360K, TK-3360K2
TK-7360HVK, TK-8360HUK
TK-7302HVK, TK-8302HUK
TKD-240VK, TK-D340UK2, TK-D740HVK
TK-2170K, TK-2170K2
TK-3170K, TK-3170K4
TK-3173K4, TK-3173K
TK-2180K, TK-2180K2
TK-3180K, TK-3180K2, TK-3180K3, TK-3180K4
TK-7180K, TK-7180HK
TK-8302HUK, TK-8302UK, TK-8360HUK
TK-8180K, TK-8180HK, TK-8180K2, TK-8180HK2
Eligible models include all radio model numbers/packages
  1. Radios must be sold, delivered and invoiced to a Commercial or Public Entity end user during the promotion period, January 18th – April 15th, 2016. Kenwood Dealer radio purchases, third party radio purchases, and leased radios are not eligible for end user rebates.
  2. Purchases must be for a minimum of five (5) qualifying radios; maximum rebate quantity per End User Company / agency is 250 units.
  3. Rebates will not be paid on radios that are not sold or delivered to an end user during the promotion period, or that do not meet the 5 unit minimum requirement.
  4. Please refer to the Rebate Center Terms & Conditions for a complete list of rules.
  5. A rebate check will be mailed to the end user within 8 weeks from submission of online rebate request. All rebate claim information must be entered online by May 15th , 2016. All back up documentation can be uploaded during the claim process at http://rebates.kenwoodusa.com (or if mailing, documents must be postmarked by May 15, 2016). Complete model and serial numbers must be listed. Please reference promotion PR-16-04LM.
  6. This Kenwood Rebate Program is for Commercial or Public Entity End Users and not for private individual use. Kenwood Dealers and Dealer Employees are ineligible to participate. Claims that do not meet these criteria will be denied.

Questions? Call toll-free at 1-866-949-6205.