Improve production efficiency, reduce downtime, cutting production costs and of course employee safety are common goals for any manufacturer.  Clear and instant communications, one-to-one or one-to-many, is a significant contributor to achieving these goals. Two-way radios and system offers the most efficient and economical way to keep your workers connected.  Integrated software applications can extend the benefits of a radio system by offering automated alerts, not only for the individual employee safety, but for plant equipment.

A manufacturing environment is often a noisy environment.  We offer noise reduction capable radios and accessories that will work for your environment.

For hazardous locations (HazLoc) where explosive fumes, combustible dust or other explosive environment is a concern, we offer Intrinsically safe (IS) radios certified to safely operate in these situations.

We can develop solutions to provide you with:
  • Reliable Communications that is instant, private, and secured
  • Increased safety in the workplace
  • Radio coverage for your facilities, at one site or over multiple sites
  • Scalable systems to grow with your operational needs
  • Noise Reduction Radios and Accessories
  • Software application integration to extend radio functionality beyond just voice
  • Dispatch Consoles
  • Vehicle GPS tracking
  • Phone integration

Contact us today and we can help determine the appropriate models for your operational needs and budget.