In order for your communications equipment to operate properly and optimally, they must be installed correctly. Our installation team is factory and MECP certified. Our technicians are FCC licensed. You can be assured that your equipment will work as designed after our installation.


Bring your vehicles to us or we can come to you. Whether you need installation in a passenger vehicle, public safety vehicle, commercial transport, school bus or even heavy-duty construction and excavation vehicle, we can install the equipment right.
  • Mobile Radios
  • Dash Mount
  • Trunk Mount
  • Vehicle Repeaters
  • Vehicle Intercom Systems
  • Light Bars
  • Mobile Computers

Radio Systems

  • Base Stations
  • Conventional Repeaters
  • Trunking Repeater Systems
  • Mutli-site Radio Systems
  • Dispatch Consoles
  • Monitoring Systems
  • Tower Sites
  • Battery Backup

In-Building Coverage

  • Bi-Directional Amplifier (BDA)
  • Distributed Antenna System (DAS)
  • Battery Backup
  • Public Safety Fire Code Compliance