If your business is a Restaurant, your customers come for a culinary experience.  Ambience is an integral part of the experience, but your communications equipment should not detract from it.  We have a number of compact and discrete radios that fits your needs.

If your business is a Hotel or Casino, your business comprises many departments, including: Customer Service, Food Services, Housekeeping, Security, Engineering, Maintenance, and Transportation.  They all need instant and efficient communications that covers all your facilities.

If your business is a Sports, Concert, or Convention venue, your serve large crowds of patrons.  Their safety is a paramount responsibility.  Instant one-to-one, or one-to-many communication that is private and secured is critical to your operations.  We have a wide selection of two-way radios that will can be tailored to the needs of your personnel.

We can develop solutions to provide you with:
  • Reliable Communications that is instant and secured
  • Increased worker safety
  • Appropriate radio models the best fit your functional staff
  • Radio coverage over all your facilities
  • Scalable systems to grow with your operational needs
  • Software application integration to extend radio functionality beyond just voice
  • Vehicle GPS tracking

Contact us today and we can help determine the appropriate models for your operational needs and budget.