These days, more than ever, schools require increased safety and security for their students and staff.  Instant and direct communications is critical during emergencies, but it is also important for the daily operational efficiency for the administrative and maintenance staff, whether it is at the individual school level or district wide level.

Dispatchers at the transportation department must be in constant contact with the school bus drivers to communicate situations.  Bus locations should be known at any given time.

We can develop solutions to provide you with:
  • Reliable Communications that is instant, private, and secured
  • Increased safety for student and school staff
  • Radio coverage for your school or the entire school district
  • Scalable systems to grow with your operational needs
  • Software application integration to extend radio functionality beyond just voice
  • Dispatch Consoles
  • School bus GPS tracking
  • Phone integration
  • First Responder Communications Integration

Contact us today and we can help determine the appropriate models for your operational needs and budget.